INCASE Newsletter - March 2016

President’s Letter to Membership of INCASE

Dear INCASE members,

This month’s newsletter contains the highlights of the hard work performed by your INCASE committees in 2015. Members have been working hard on keeping our finances healthy, bringing in new members, updating our website, planning conferences, assisting in curricula development, maintaining and strengthening international ties, just to cover some of their vital work!

I am in my final months as president of this small, but important organization. I have taken up as my final primary task (and my task as past president through 2018), moving forward with a flexible set of national licensure standards that incorporate the Tap 21 (and Tap 21A) competencies into every level of the SAMHSA career ladder. As a profession, we hang in the balance in over 20 states that do not have licensure, and are unfortunately on the verge of what I can only term as a hostile takeover as the “sub-discipline of addiction counseling” via other professions which do have licensure in those states. Our students, our clients, and our profession suffers from the lack of a regionally flexible, but nationally unified licensure standard with entry level criteria.

I had a wonderful visit with MNCASE earlier this month, a group of dedicated addiction educator professionals in Minnesota, who are on the cutting edge of the massive change processes in licensure that began with DSM-5 and the new ASAM Criteria and will continue through what I believe will be the next 5 to 10 years. As I visited with them, I was reminded that I was not brought to INCASE via a mailing, or an email, but rather through personal contact with the wonderful people of INCASE. I am so happy that I’ve had the good fortune to meet everyone so early in my teaching career. Heartfelt thanks go out to an organization that truly cares for its members!

We have been through an exciting year for the profession, and I anticipate the next decade will be yet another one of growth, change and progress! Here is to a fantastic year as Addiction Educators!

John Korkow, LAC, SAP, Ph.D.
President of INCASE
Current Membership Dues $5090
Bethesda, MD Conference Auction $456
Joe Bebo (reimbursement) 150
TOTAL $5696
NAADAC Seattle INCASE meeting $181.33
Taylor & Francis Group, LLC (April 6, 2015) $210
Taylor & Francis Group, LLC (April 6, 2015) $245
State Farm Liability Insurance (July 6, 2015) $265
John Korkow INCASE conference ribbons (8/28/15) $52.55
John Korkow INCASE brochure printing (9/21/15) $91.84
Taylor & Francis Group, LLC (October 4, 2015) $280
U.S. Postal Service INCASE box rent (10/19/15) $60
NAADAC INCASE reception (Bethesda, MD) 1913.85
Taylor & Francis Group, LLC (December 21, 2015) 297.50
Diane Sevening (registered agent Idaho fee) $49 $49
TOTAL $3646.07
INCOME $5696
EXPENSE $3646.07
TREASURY $21,913.03

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Sevening
INCASE Treasurer

Report from the Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is in many ways the entire membership of INCASE, as almost all of our new members are the result of word-of-mouth recruitment. In addition to maintaining the membership list, the Membership Committee maintains the mailing list for the journal.
Last year was significant in that we saw an increase in our membership from outside of the United States. Enough new members that INCASE is seriously considering an international conference.
As I write this we are processing the membership renewals for 2016.
If you have any questions, please free to contact me at 847-214-7345, or at

Respectfully Submitted,
Joe Rosenfeld
Elgin Community College
Elgin, Illinois

Note from Margaret Smith concerning the listserv: The listserv has been cleaned up with only new members and renewed members. All "old" members who have not paid have been removed.

Publications Committee (Webpage and the ADDICTION EDUCATOR)

The Addiction Educator came out with Issue 1 in 2014 and we are shooting now for one for June of 2016. We have collected articles and are in the editing stage.

Dr. Margaret A Smith, Dr. Raven James, Dr. Al Cavaiola

International Committee:

The International Committee added some new members of INCASE and the Committee: Richard Isralowitz of Ben Gurion University of the Negev, recipient of several international awards in the addictions field. Prof. Isralowitz was elected to the Board of INCASE last Sept or Oct.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Afiffi of Gaza, who directs prevention efforts there Jona Margret Olafsdottir, University of Iceland Prof.s Isralowitz and Al Afifi lead cooperative efforts on mental health, substance abuse, crisis and trauma management in the region.

The Committee met in person in NYC to discuss plans for an international or international-themed conference at Kingsboro Community College in Brooklyn NY. The point person is our Board member Joan Standora.

The Conference is tentatively scheduled for August 2017. The venue is very near large concentrations of Arab, Chinese, and Russian populations

Dr. Myers has been in contact sporadically with the British analogue of INCASE, called AHEAD. The chair, Daren Britt of the University of Brighton, promised to disseminate suggestions for cooperation with INCASE and get back to us, but this has not happened. We have a list of addictions curricula in the UK (longer than the AHEAD) list and it is tempting to write to them all directly, but thus far we have gritted our teeth and gone through AHEAD.

It was suggested the simplest way to convene a "summit" would be in a conference call. Skype or Google Hangout would be best, but not everyone has that technology. so we may have to stick with voice only calls for now. Another valuable contact is Marie Claire Van Hout in Ireland, who succeeded Peter as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse. She has had difficulties in getting her supervisors to cut a check to INCASE for membership,

Finally, having found a link to Canadian programs, we plan to compile the emails of relevant faculty and send a recruitment letter via John or Joe , on INCASE letterhead. Dr. Peter Myers, Dr. Joan Standora

Strategic Committee:

The Strategic Planning Committee is discussing the possibility of meeting with the INCASE BOD in 2016, also an INCASE international conference is in the planning stages for August 2017.*
*Full report is pending.

Conference Planning:

The 2015 conference held in Washington DC was a great success. We had many members in attendance. INCASE members provided 6 presentations at NAADAC and all were well attended. The INCASE membership meeting was attended by 32 people and included Dr. Darryl Inaba and Paul Steinbroner from CNS Productions. They have been great sponsors of our organization over the years. The auctioneer Joe, and his “Vanna”, Kathy were entertaining and members bid on over 20 items. This led to the collection of over $456.00 in funds which will be used for student scholarships for conferences in the years to come.

The NAADAC 2016 Annual Conference: Embracing Today, Empowering Tomorrow will be held at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN from October 7-11, 2016. Submissions for opportunities to present at this conference have been collected and are presently being scheduled.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Elson
Chair of Conference Committee, 2015


2015 Annual Report

At the Annual Meeting of the Board during the 2014 Conference, there was discussion about the role of the Curriculum Committee, which is a Standing Committee in the By-laws. Historically, INCASE had developed curriculum standards for Addiction Studies, for all academic levels. This was a major development since initially few of the existing colleges/universities were willing to "give up" their own curricula in favor of a national curricula. INCASE then developed the "Curriculum Standards Model" rather than a "Common Curriculum Model", which incorporated everyone's individual curricula. This was more than five years of work for the Curriculum Committee. This was the standard when INCASE initially accredited the first programs.

In recent times, two major changes in the field occurred which had impact on the role of the Committee. First, TAP 21 became a new standard, accepted by most states. (NOTE: INCASE was represented in the original developmental stages of TAP 21.) While it did not conflict with our model, it became more widely used and accepted. The Second was the founding of NASAC (National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission) of which INCASE was a co-founding partner, and is still a primary partner. NASAC Accreditation has taken over the primary role of curriculum evaluation. INCASE members are reviewers of all NASAC applications.

Today, INCASE has passed on the role of the original committee to NASAC for all US- Based colleges and universities. The INCASE Board had to review the role of the old committee mission, and up-date the Bylaws. After some discussion and planning, a new mission for the committee was developed. The new name describes it more fully: The Curriculum Consultation Committee (CCC).

The Committee will be available to members, to assist in planning and development of curricula with the new national standards. The CCC will work with schools to:

  1. revise/update current or outdated curricula
  2. be available to help schools develop new addiction studies programs.
  3. be available, in conjunction with the INCASE International Committee, to assist international members, in developing evidence based curricula based on their own national and cultural norms.

The committee will be activated upon request from a college or university (with INCASE Individual or Institutional membership) and will be comprised primarily of people from the same degree level. Other possible consultations may be available through one or more INCASE members identified by the Chair. In 2015, with the new committee format, one Associate and two Masters level consultations were provided. The current committee is chaired by Ed Reading who can be contacted directly at

Website Committee:

Over this past year the website has been updated with changes in positions or titles. Further, the use of PayPal as a way for members to join or renew has been added to the website.

Dr. Margaret Smith*

*Peter Myers is taking over the Website as of April 1, 2016. We thank Margaret Smith for her service and dedication to the Website these past several years, and look forward to her becoming President in October at the INCASE conference in Minneapolis!